The Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff UNICEF Foundation

Not just focusing on herself and instead being keenly aware of other people and their lives was what motivated Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff to set up her Foundation. She has never taken her own family happiness and success in dressage competitions for granted, and the qualified veterinarian has always been interested in and supported other people, events and projects.

With a start-up capital of 500,000 euros Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff launched her own Foundation for children in need under the umbrella of UNICEF in 2002. Since then the capital of the Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff Foundation has been growing continually through donations and the Foundation’s investment income. So far more than 3.3 million euros have been raised for the Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff UNICEF Foundation.

Donations have helped support the following projects

Since April 2008 Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff has also been taking a leading role on the committee of UNICEF Germany, where she is deputy chairman. She was re-elected in June 2014.

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