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I am delighted with your interest in my website. This forum is designed to give you some personal information about myself and my career.

Many people who are keen riders or horse-lovers will know me as a dressage rider, or they have heard of the Schafhof, my competition yard and stud. Others have perhaps come across the “Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff UNICEF Foundation” or the “Schafhof Festival for UNICEF” in Kronberg.

All these elements, the sports side and the social commitment, are close to my heart. Just as my career as dressage rider first began while I was still a child, I now regard supporting children in need as a long-term project – and working together with UNICEF provides a superb basis for these efforts.

You can find out more on the following pages. You can also contact me direct by e-mail.

Yours very sincerely,
Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff


Schafhof Festival to raise funds for UNICEF postponed until 2010

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